If They Shook Hands - An Exercise in Historical Fiction! -- Cold War Edition!



-- EXAMPLE PLAY (Note: This just will give you the basic idea of the assignment but should not be seen as "the gold standard" as this particular group did a different (albeit related) assignment than KIS US History is completing.

  • BUS
    • Wed Feb 22 - Project introduction, "character" selection
    • Thu Feb 23 - Wrap up Cold War
    • Mon Feb 27 - Cold War Test
    • Wed Feb 29, Tue Mar 6, Wed Mar 7 - Working on projects in class
    • Mon Mar 12 - "If they Shook Hands" due, Presentations begin
    • Wed Mar 14 - Presentations Day II
    • Fri Mar 16 - Presentations Day III
    • Mon Mar 26 - Non "If They Shook Hands" activities
    • Wed Mar 28 - "If They Shook Hands" Character ID test
  • FUSH
    • Thu Feb 23 - Project introduction, "character" selection
    • Fri Feb 24 - Wrap up Cold War
    • Tue Feb 28 - Cold War Test
    • Mon Mar 5, Wed Mar 7, Thu Mar 8 - Working on projects in class
    • Tue Mar 13 - "If they Shook Hands" due, Presentations begin
    • Thu Mar 15 - Presentations Day II
    • Mon Mar 26 - Presentations Day III
    • Tue Mar 27 - "If They Shook Hands" Character ID test

BUS "If they shook hands"

Susie, Eric Pope John Paul II meets Mao Zedong
Kevin, Junghyun Fidel Castro meets John F. Kennedy
Katie, Alex Mikhail Gorbachev meets Kim Il Sung
Michelle, Nicole Anwar Sadat meets Che Guevara
Sumin, Jerica Joe McCarthy meets Walt Disney
Natalie, Heejin Margaret Thatcher meets Nikita Khrushchev
Connie, Cindy J. Edgar Hoover meets Joseph Stalin
Jack, Jane Arthur Miller meets Syngman Rhee

FUSH "If they shook hands"

John, Diana Che Guevara meets Walt Disney
Jane, Albert The Sandinistas meet Margaret Thatcher
Justin, Steve Pope John Paul II meets John Lennon
Joon, Vicky Nikita Khrushchev meets Salvador Allende
Han Baik, Eun Kyung Margaret Thatcher meets Muhammad Ali
Jae, Sally J. Edgar Hoover meets Robert Hannsen
Arnold, Sara Ronald Reagan meets Bob Dylan
Eric, Peter John F. Kennedy meets Fidel Castro
Sungwoo, Claire Mikhail Gorbachev meets Lyndon B. Johnson
Andy, Jennifer Arthur Miller meets Dr. Strangelove
Rachel, Jerin Mao Zedong meets Joe McCarthy