Korea-Illinois Spring 2011 Sociology Collaboration!

Presentation Schedule

Korea-Illinois Project Student Feedback

SoCiology Groups
Sadie, Beatrice, Joodi -
  • Big Picture Q: How do college students of different gender& nationalities express themselves through graffiti?
  • Specific Q: How does graffiti in college restrooms differ?

Peyton, Brian K, David -
  • Big Picture Q: How would elementary students react to peer pressure?
  • Specific Q: If a plate of cupcakes are lying on the desk, while the teacher says do not eat it and all their friends disregard the rule and eat it, would the experimental child eat along with his/her friends?

Scott, Daniel, Andy -
  • Big Picture Q: What type of literature is more appealing to people?
  • Specific Q: Does gender matter in what type of literature(poetic or non-poetic) KIS and Illinois students prefer? (Only for KIS and Illinois students)

Cymone, Clemens, Yena -
  • Big Picture Q: How deeply are the stereotypical images of race embedded in people's perceptions?
    • Operational definition of "depth": how similarly people with different ethnicities respond to each image of different races
  • Specific Q: What kind of adjectives would people of different ethnicities (in Korea and the U.S.) associate with the images of different races? Do their associations show their stereotypical perceptions of certain races?

Kari, Stella, Hyeunjin -
  • Big picture Q: How important are names in forming stereotypes in the US and in Korea?
  • Specific: How would people react to names without even seeing one's picture?

Mike, Yeun Seok, Hyun Woo -
  • Big Picture Q: How does clothing affect one's perception of others?
  • Specific Q: Are people more willing to take their time to fill out a survey if the surveyor is dressed more formally?

Faiza, Jessica -
  • Big Picture Q: How does height influence others' perceptions?
  • Specific Q: How does a couple's height difference affect others' perception of the couple's romantic relationship?

Jon, Jason -
  • Big Picture Q: How does culture affect sleeping patterns?
  • Specific Q: Which school's high school students (UHS or KIS) are more likely to get a good night's rest (7+ hours)?

Nick, Ian -
  • Big Picture Q: How will people react to finding a lost item?
  • Specific Q: Will high school students in the US or Korea be more likely to return a lost wallet?

Jenny, Zea -
  • Big Picture Q: How does ethnicity affect people's perceptions of others?
  • Specific Q: Are people more inclined to say positive things about babies of their own race?

SocioloGy Groups
Alyssa, Elise, Rachel
  • Big Picture Q: How does one's cultural background affect his or her gender expectations?
  • Specific Q: When shown a photo of a masculine woman and a feminine man, how do gender expectations vary among high school students in Illinois and Seoul?

Nic, Jay, Eric K
  • Big Picture Q: How do people's behavior differ when under pressure?
  • Specific Q: When given a math question, how would the answers differ when one person is put under pressure while the other is not?

Trace, Seungwoo, Esther -
  • Big Picture Q: Are Koreans and Americans prejudiced against cross-dressers?
  • Specific Q: How will Koreans and Americans help people who are wearing clothing of the opposite gender in a mall during a busy time?

Kelsey, Hoon Ho, Dean
  • Big Picture Q: How do Koreans and Americans value honesty?
  • Specific Q: On a busy street, give small amount of money (range 50cent to 5dollar) to people and tell them that they dropped it. How many would be honesty of the owner of the money?

Hannah, Kaila, Jeyeon
  • Big Picture Q: How does anonymity affect people's behavior?
  • Specific Q: How do face-to-face responses to different types of survey questions differ from anonymous responses?

Brianna, Sally, Alice
  • Big Picture Q: How does gender and culture affect one's behavior toward strangers?
  • Specific Q: In America or Korea, are men or women more willing to lend their cell phone to strangers?

Ryan, Eric Y -
  • Big Picture Q: What are the major motivations for high-school students’ participation in their after-school activities?
  • Specific Q: Which of the followings would be the major motivation for students' participation in their after-school activities: Hobby, Parental demand. Friendship or Better College?

Danny, Henry -
  • Big Picture Q: How are American and Korean women different?
  • Specific Q: Are American women more willing to do physically demanding labor (combat soldier, emergency rescuer, firefighter, field agent, SWAT team) than Korean women?

Marta, Emily -
  • Big Picture Q: Is the digital world promoting social isolation?
  • Specific Q: Does wearing headphones prevent others from approaching and starting conversations?

Jane, Soojin, Se June -
  • Big Picture Q: Which culture is more altruistic?
  • Specific Q: Which high school students are more willing to lend money to strangers: students in Seoul, Korea or students in Normal, Illinois?

Ali, Soho, DK -
  • Big Picture Q: How do gender differences play a major role when responding to strangers?
  • Specific Q: Will male or female college students be more patient when strangers ask for directions?