Korea-USA Spring 2012 Sociology Collaboration!


Ashley, Haley
    • Big Picture Q: How do cultural standards of beauty change over time?
    • Specific Q: How does the media affect the perception of ones physical features?
Brian, John
    • Big Picture Q: How does culture affect the way people perceive?
    • Specific Q: Do the cultures of the United States and South Korea affect the prioritization of top songs and movies?
Dennis, Deanna
    • Big Picture Q: How do different cultures use gestures involving physical contact?
    • Specific Q: How often are physical gestures, such as high fives and hugs, used between acquaintances at the high school level in Korea and in the United States?
Dong Myung,Jess
    • Big Picture Q: How do people‚Äôs helping behaviors differ in different societies?
    • Specific Q: Does gender affect how much a person is willing to help the other person? Are men more likely to help than women?
Eric, Jessica
    • Big Picture Q: How often do individuals bow to peer pressure?
    • Specific Q: When faced with a unanimous incorrect answer to an impossible question, what percent of males and females in each school (UHS vs KIS) would agree with the incorrect answer?
Hijo, Kiara
    • Big Picture Q: Do preconceived ideas affect interpretation?
    • Specific Q: Does the interpretation of a musical piece change when introduced differently?
Ian, Ethan
    • Big Picture Q: How comprehensive is our understanding of the basic geography of the world?
    • Specific Q: Can countries/land formations be eliminated or distorted on maps and go unnoticed?
Jane, Amy, Kyley
    • Big Picture Q: Are individuals in one culture more likely than another to be impatient?
    • Specific Q: Are individuals in one culture more likely to press the "close" button when they get on the elevator?
Jasmine, Josselyn
    • Big Picture Q: How do forms of discipline vary between different cultures?
    • Specific Q: Are Korean parents more likely to use corporal violence against their children than Western parents?
Jenny, Rachel
    • Big Picture Q: How often do people gesticulate in media situations?
    • Specific Q: How often do men and women when they speak to the opposite sexes in media?
Kevin, Alyssa
    • Big Picture Q: How do culture differences influence employee customer service training?
    • Specific Q: Compare and contrast the way employees are taught to greet and treat customers in car dealerships and grocery stores in the United States and Korea.
Lisa, Caila
    • Big Picture Q: To what extent does appearance play a role in people's generosity?
    • Specific Q: Would people be more willing to help a woman with her hands full get inside a building if the woman is considered more attractive or less attractive?
Michelle, Allison
    • Big Picture Q: How have clothes changed in the last twenty years?
    • Specific Q: How have brands in the United States (Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Pac Sun, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Roxy, Babyphat, Aeropostale and H&M) and Korea (H&M, ZARA, GAP, UNIQLO, Victoria's Secret, NEXT, Polo Ralph Lauren, Shimamura, ESPIRT, and Abercrombie and Fitch) evolved within the last twenty years?
Mohammed, Taylor
    • Big Picture Q: How does authority affect decision making in children?
    • Specific Q: If a teacher stands up in front of a class and gives an opinion, is a child more or less likely to agree with them because they are an authority figure?
Peter L, Jordan
    • Big Picture Q: How willing are teenagers to take risks?
    • Specific Q: How much risk would seniors and freshmen be willing to take with their grades?
Peter Y, Tommy
    • Big Picture Q: How does music affect human behavior?
    • Specific Q: Will people be more open to questions when different kinds of music are playing in the background?
Ryan, Erin, Josh
    • Big Picture Q: How does culture influence how parents choose their children's names?
    • Specific Q: How do American and Korean names differ in meaning and how do those meanings affect parents' decisions of naming their children?
Sean, Stephan, Kurtis
    • Big Picture Q: To what degree does a biased question change how a person responds to a question?
    • Specific Q: How do people respond differently to questions that are worded slightly differently?
Stella, Nina
    • Big Picture Q: How are gender stereotypes reflected in people's lives?
    • Specific Q: How do childhood toys reflect the different stereotypes of boys and girls?
Steve, Kelsey
    • Big Picture Q: How does culture influence spending decisions?
    • Specific Q: What does the number of each type of shop in a mall tell us about different cultures?
William, Scott
    • Big Picture Q: What makes students in different societies happy?
    • Specific Q: Between visual art (photography) and auditory art (classical music), which medium make the students more happy?