Corie Seoulciology How do people react to gay couples?
Soo Young Seoulciology Are people less likely to commit (mildly) deviant behavior when they observed? (Hawthorne Effect)
Soyeon Seoulciology Are individuals or dyads more likely to lend a stranger a cell phone?
Yura Seoulciology Would people accept more pamphlets on the street if they are being told if they are being studied? (Hawthorne Effect)
Anna Seoulciology To which gender would people be more willing to lend their cell phones?
Ha Jung Seoulciology What do most people do in Gangnam at noon: entertainment, food, shopping, hagwon, or other activities?
Priscilla Seoulciology Will people pay attention to signs that indicate a "fixed door" or disregard them? Do people disregard all signs or only particular signs?
Jenny Seoulciology How do first impressions influence self-fulfilling prophecy?
Sam Seoulciology Will people accurately express their thoughts toward something when being influenced by peer pressure? (Asch modified)
Sungwoo Seoulciology When coming across people out of the norm (fashion-wise), does gender affect whether people accept that outsider or not?
Stacy Seoulciology Do people get plastic surgery for self-satisfaction or to just get jobs?
Annie Seoulciology How will people react to non-conformist behavior in a small, closed space like an elevator?
Jennifer P Seoulciology Do answers about gender roles change when are alone compared to when they are with their girlfriends/wives?
Jae Seoulciology Why do people use public transportation?
Brian Seoulciology Do Koreans prefer Foreign cars or Korean cars?
Erica Seoulciology Conformity: How many people do we need to get attention? (What do people perceive as group?)
Jennifer Y Seoulciology On what distinctive factor do Koreans identify themselves as Korean?
Jessica Seoulciology How do people react to strangers or forgotten acquaintances?