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s01_19456127.jpgWhat is Soccer Dreams Without Borders (SDWB)?

Soccer Dreams Without Borders is a non-profit organization, that is organized to provide soccer accessories to children in Africa who dream to be professional soccer players. Their only wish is to attend to the World Cup. Unfortunately, their environment that they live in prevents their dreams to become true. They play soccer in the dirt, bare - footed, and use rolled up rags or banana leaves as a ball with rocks representing the borders of a goal. Our job is to help these children as much as we can by providing soccer accessories donated by people all around the world. Old soccer shoes that you don't use anymore, old soccer balls, uniforms, socks - small things like these would help them to take a step towards their goal to be a professional soccer player in the future and change their lives forever.


The Evergreen Soccer Family was faced with a problem with unused soccer gears and accessories in their garage. These were stacked and stacked for years without even using them properly. It would be a waste to throw them away but also too old/small to use them. One day, while planning on a trip to Africa, they thought "why not put all this unused soccer equipment to good use?". Thus, the beginning of the Soccer Dreams organization emerged. At first, they only took their own used soccer gears but later they also took those of their teammates. The support and interest of this donation grew larger and larger, hence this organization was established. This organization mainly donate soccer equipments but it's not limited to it. People can send tennis shoes, running shoes, volleyballs and other sports equipments.s12_19390391.jpg


The primary mission for the Soccer Dreams organization is to provide educational opportunities to impoverished children living on the street, orphaned, living with life threatening diseases, or have parents who are dying of HIV/AIDS.


Our vision is to solicit soccer accessories as the entry point into the lives of African children, identify soccer players as mentors who collectively with the help of professionals will provide education concerning good health care and economic opportunities.

Donate Now!

Everyone can donate their unused or old soccer gears to us and change the lives of the African children forever. Remember, Soccer Dreams Without Border is a non-profit organization with all donations tax deductible.
We are trying to raise $15,000 in charitable donations plus a shipment of used sports equipment in order to outfit 45 soccer (boys) and netball (girls) teams in a remote and impoverished region of Southern Zambia.

You Can Help By:
1. Donate any of your used soccer gears - soccer ball, socks, shin gears, goalie gloves, helmet, shoes, jerseys, etc.
2. Sponsor a team or an entire league through Soccer Dreams Without Borders.

Your Donations Will Provide...
Your donations will give hope and dream to the African children as they become more equipped when playing soccer. They will no longer play bare-footed in the dirt, using rolled up rags or banana leaves. They will at least have some basic equipments and gears when playing soccer all thanks to us. With only a little effort to find some old sports equipments, we were able to change the lives of these African children 180 degrees.

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Real Life Example

This is a real life example of how Soccer Dreams Without Borders organization affected a young boy named Kato and his dreams.


Hello, my name is Kato. I am 12 years old. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a professional soccer player. I love playing soccer. However, in Zambia where I live, there are no proper soccer fields or equipments, so we played in the dirt with bare-feet. Then, something very fortunate occurred in my life. When I was 10 years old, people from an organization called Soccer Dreams Without Borders came to our village and gave us old soccer equipments such as shoes, balls, uniforms and many more. I was very happy because I did not have to play bare-feet and get my feet hurt. Now I can play soccer better and more properly. I can dream myself becoming a professional soccer player and standing in the middle of a stadium. Thank you people who helped me. You changed my life forever.



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5 Questions:

1) What motivates the people of this organization to do what they do?
2) If this organization is a non-profit organization, how would they have paid all the shipments and other costs?
3) The name of this organization is Soccer Dreams Without Borders. What would 'Without Borders' mean here?
4) What might be this organization's main focus or goal?
5) Do you think providing these kids with soccer equipments would help them fulfill their dreams as becoming a professional soccer player?